1st Warlords of Terra Illustrating Competition!


1st Warlords of Terra Illustrating Competition!

Welcome to the 1st Warlords of Terra Illustrating Competition!

We received a lot of requests from artists who asked for working with us in WoT (some of them really good artists!). Well, unfortunately, our great illustration team finished with that job for basic game. However, we’ve been thinking and…why not? Let’s give a chance to everyone who wants to try with a competition in which they’ll be able to prove their value! These are the competition rules:

From today until December 1st we open the period to share ONE illustration of your choice in our forum. It’ll be a fanart of the hero you choose among the 4 options we give you. After December 1st we’ll deliberate and choose FOUR FINALISTS, whose illustrations will be posted on facebook in December 3rd for people to vote them. Likes will be considered valid until December 15th, and the most voted (with more likes) will be the two winners of the competition:

The FINALIST will win one of our WoT great signed posters but, more important, will work with us (if the moment arrives, and that’s what we hope and expect ;)) in the next WoT Expansion Set: The Awakening. So…Welcome!

The WINNER will algo obtain the poster, but they won’t work with us only in the next expansion set. Their fanart will become an official alternate skin of the game, and they’ll instantly become part of our illustration team! The reward for the illustration will be 100€.

You should also know that in November 22nd we launch our kikstarter campaign! So, if we have success with it, both winners will work in a special illustration exclusive for our backers! (Of course, every job will be paid, we don’t want any doubt about that)

EVALUATION: the jury will choose the four finalists based basically in next factors:

  1. Aesthetic quality
  1. Adapting the style to WoT style
  1. Adapting to the character concept (even giving a new personality/appearance)

Next we show you the choices you have for the fanart. Think that we DO NOT WANT copies of them (neither your copy-version), as we value ORIGINALITY as an important factor too. You may change their clothes, their attitude…never mind. Be brave and risk a little bit, modifying a concept doesn’t mean breaking it!




Hylesnia, High Priestess of Theridas








Vidiria, Soul Collector





Gruuj Barahk



Shaman Gruuj Bharak








Rexor Navarien






To participate, share your illustrations in our forum specific section (with one post). Posts admit adding an image by putting URL. Don’t forget to follow the appropriate forum theme.

That’s it! Take your pencils, colors, tablet…never mind (recommended digital art but feel free) and start working. Good luck!!

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