Brutal hero card coming: Bellatrix the Thirsty!

Hellscions - Bellatrix EN

Brutal hero card coming: Bellatrix the Thirsty!

Hellscions - Bellatrix EN


Serve with your lives! Bellatrix is as beautiful as mortal. Her thirst, unstoppable, so be careful how you use her because your troops will also suffer her rage… Let’s see how this hero card

pasivaBlood for power, that’s the question. Anytime you immolate a troop for any cause, if Bellatrix’s power is 4 or more will make you gain 1 life . If you think Bellatrix deck is focused (normally) as control deck, this passive could be the difference between winning or losing a match. It may help their controller to resist the few more turns needed to win.

1º habilidadIf passive skill is not enough to make us survive more turns, we can also use this one as a lifesaver. Gaining 4 life for a couple of weak minions, specially if we also kill 2 enemy troops at same time, could give us the breath of life we need.

2º habilidadThis is, definetely, the (potentially) favourite skill for almost every player. Playing wise, will allow us to change weak minions for stronger enemy ones. Notice this skill DOESN’T allows us to immolate troops, but next time we immolate any troop with another card, we’ll add to that card effect “and enemy player immolates a troop they control”. Think how dangerous can be this if the only enemy troop remaining on the battlefield is, for example, a card boosted with Legion counters (we’ll talk about legion).
To give an example of its effectiveness, we’ll show you how this skill combines with Double Sacrifice.

Sacrificio Doble EN

By using this small combo, you kill 3 enemy troops on the battlefield by just having one! Both players MUST immolate 2 troops, so that effect is applied. Moreover, if you played Bellatrix skill before the spell, you’l immolate your troop with it and so, after spell resolves, you will have immolated a troop so…your opponent knows what to do… Awesome 3×1, even spending a card in hand, because you could have spent even a free token. These are cards that give you the chance to have on the battlefield free tokens to make the change more pleasant  for you.

Abismo ENInvocar a la Prole EN








Procrear EN




In addition, if we kept many power on Bellatrix, we’ll gain life for each immolated troop! (but think first we remove PP equal to skill cost, and THEN if she has 4+ PP you gain that life).To conclude with this skill we can say it’s just, in appropiate hands, awesome one.





3º habilidadBellatrix finisher is maybe not so powerful in that sense. But its strong point remains in the fact it’s a double-edged sword, and both edges are bad for our opponent. We just have to decide which one to use.
If our control resources have been overwhelmed by our enemy troops, we can spend 6 PP to end with this situation immediately. Of course, it won’t we for free, as we’ll take damage points equal to immolated enemy troops. And if we need to use this skill this way, it’ll be probably dangerous. However, think that Bellatrix power was (consequently) high, and that allowed us gaining some life points. Maybe this help us survive.
If the situation is opposite, here we have our finisher. Maybe a more agro tactic (really hard in Hellscions, but possible with high token production) to leave our opponent hurt, combined with this skill, becomes a deadly idea. Why not? To reinforce this option, here we give you some extra reason to consider this option:

Venganza de Sangre EN
The power of this combination has been tested and proved not as strong as it seems in theory, as tokens die very easily and token-producing card amount is not as large as could be needed to make this way strongly successful. But not being as powerful as it seems in theory does not mean it’s not a good/fearsome option.

To conclude we’ll say Bellatrix is, in our opinion, one of the best hero cards (maybe the best) a player can use if control is their favourite way. Moreover, she’ll be available in Hellscions basic deck, so if you choose it you’ll get the hardest strategy, but probably the best basic hero card for control and hardcore players!


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