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If you want to know some more abour WoT world, in this article we explain  with some more detail the History of its kingdoms. It’s possible a novel to be written in the future, but we’ll see that with some time…


Theridom is the human kingdom, born by the unification of its cities, centuries ago. Since then, those cities had been independent State-cities, forged with their own History, even fighting between them sometimes. But when Southern cities started to be attacked by Hellscion hordes, they needed to stay  together to survive.

Castleburg, bastion commanded today  by Lady Elizabeth, is  the last southern city to resist, and its defense army is considered legendary by all humans. The rest of them, located in more southern points, were devastated by demons. Refugees were counted by hundreds in Middle and Northern cities. Even the names of those destroyed cities were forgotten forever, except for one. The old Thorhampton, town in which Azrael – the great priest of Theridom – was born, kept at least its memory, as he survived and could emigrate to the current Capital, Theridom.

Some years and some fallen cities after the Hellscion invasion began, The Great Voting took place in Theridom Arena. All human leaders – and many citizens – met there to choose the lord who would become King of Theridom, and King of the mankind. After a shocking event, Theridom I, lord of that city and bringer of its (sur)name, was the chosen one. He organised a global echonomy, created a common army and sent it to reinforce southern frontiers to fight demons.

The First King – also named that way – has been always remembered as the savior, and worshipped by all Theridom citizens almost as much as their god Theridas, father of humans.

Theridom is now a big kingdom, with its great-walled cities, a lot of people, business and intrigues. Lords command – under king’s orders -, priests pray, support citizens and spread Theridas will. Merchants commerce with food, weapons, jewels or  even some magic objects. And the enemy is also inside its walls, planning the way to destroy Theridom and everything that contains…

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