Here comes a new Hero! Azrael Thronhonor!

Azrael Thronhonor

Here comes a new Hero! Azrael Thronhonor!

Theridom - Azrael EN


Lidership and Wisdom. This is Azrael Thronhonor,the commander priest of Theridom army. Combat expert and blessed by Theridas, this hero may heal or boost your troops in order to make them really tough. Let’s begin with the analysis!


pasivaIf you know that soldiers and knights together are more or less the half of all Theridom troops, this skill becomes really useful to reach your opponent sooner. This could make the difference between killing them or not. So, this one is considered a really good passive skill.



1º habilidadLow-cost and double useful skill, it will allow us to keep troops more time on the battlefield. It’s typical using the “Knight” card (3/3/3) to kill a 2/2 troop and remain alive. But then, a simple 1/1 token will finish it. Azrael, with this skill, becomes the solution for this.

Maybe what you need is to kill a 4/4 troop with a 3/3. No problem, boost with +1ATK your troop and fight. This skill is as versatile as Azrael card itself. Resist or kill, you choose.



2º habilidadThis skill is nothing but the improved version of the previous one. The cost has been doubled, and the effect depends on the troop you choose to heal. It’s worth on using it if you heal troops with high life total and which are quite wounded. +3 ATK value will also be useful to defeat almost any enemy troop.

An important point:

Milicia EN


As you can see, the skill Legion allows us to spend the cost of our troops the times we want (or can afford). This will duplicate their ATK and LIFE values as many times as we paid that cost. However, when a troop with Legion takes enough damage to kill one copy of the card, we must remove a Legion Counter, and we have NO CHANCE to heal it anymore. For example, if we pay 5 mana to play a 5/5/3 Militia, and it takes 3 damage, it will become a 2/2/3 troop with no chance to recover more life points (unless we add them as extra life points with any specific card). Notice well this fact, as you will have to know to play a Theridom deck properly!






3º habilidadWe find now the massive version of the other skills. +2ATK and full healing for ALL troops. We can use it as a finisher, although this is probably one of the weakest “last skills” we can find in WoT among all heroes. Versatility must mean “not specially strong in any field” if we want to create a balanced game. This is the price Azrael must pay for being versatile and having a great passive skill: it will help you to finish the game too, but in practice this will happen occasionally.


To conclude, we can say about Azrael it’s a well balanced hero card, and as we said, a versatile one. That’s why it’s included in basic set for Theridom, because it will help us introducing Theridom kingdom and its characteristic resistance or ATK boosting they need to be more effective in combat.

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