Here comes a new Hero! Targos, Lord of War!


Here comes a new Hero! Targos, Lord of War!

Overlords - Targos EN


Leader of Overlords, Targos has the potential to defeat any enemy with powerful attacks of our troops. Its skills make of it the most aggressive hero, although a warning is required: here in WoT, typical “non-think aggro” tactics will automatically fail. Strategy is ALWAYS required here. Let’s show that with this analysis.



pasivaFirst things first, so Let’s point out what a Warcry is. They are exclusive cards, only used by Overlords. They do NOT cast spells, so the launch warcries. How? Just as any other kingdom casts a regular spell, the rules are the same. The difference? They are NOT considered spells. This allows us to avoid any restriction with spell casting, or killing troops which are immune to spells. See below:

Desafío ENDragoncillo EN









Fairy Dragon will die if we launch defy targeting it. It’s no much worth on it, but think there are more powerful troops which are (or can become) immune to spells.

Now that we’ve explained what is a Warcry, let’s talk about passive skill. This is particularly strong, as we can hit our opponent or any enemy troop with more strength without using specific cards to pump our troop’s power. Any warcry will be enough. Notice this passive skills fits with Targos’ finisher skill, as any warcry you decide to launch with no cost will also give +1 ATK to your troops!



1º habilidadCharge is a specially useful skill if we talk about Overlords. Many of their troops have good ATK value but they are weak in life point terms. So, we find many times in which we are interested on exchanging one of these troops for a “big ass” one. Good deal for us. But sometimes our recently invoked troops, being in preparation turn, doesn’t’ get to fight the enemy one. Easy, use this Targos skill, and your troop will be able to advance one more zone if that makes it fight an enemy troop.



2º habilidadIt’s usual to find unexperienced players who leave their troops in their invocation line, just afraid of them to be reached by the enemy. Doing this against Targos deck is more than a mistake, as Overlords have several “play-and- hit” troops that will get to hit troops in enemy line the same turn they are invoked. If we make them Razem we will make damage not only to reached troop, but also our opponent.

However, more experienced players who know Targos are used to advance their troops at least one zone not to be exposed to this. Perfect. That means Targos has conditioned our opponent’s tactics, and now they’re exposing their troops to any attack of ours. If you can’t use Raze skill, use Charge one, if need it, and domain the battlefield!

But, if you NEED enemy troops to stay in enemy line to Raze them and their owner. No problem friends. Here we show a warcry could help with that finisher great hit you were waiting for!

Grito Intimidante EN


3º habilidadLas Targos skill can be totally awesome if we use it wisely. What do you need? Killing a fearsome enemy troop? Maybe make our enemies retreat? Or (as will be common) kill our opponent at once?! So cry!Warcry! No costs. No restrictions. Targos can do it, let him bring you to victory! In fact, Victory Warcry is a good example for Targos to use its last skill and win the game.

Grito de Victoria ENDraco EN









As you can see, this combination means automatic kill: playing 2 drakes and launching Victory Warcry with Targos means two 10/2/5 FLY and RAZE troops. Our opponent won’t be able to avoid death without sudden spells. Done.

To conclude, we’ll insist on the fact Targos can be used as the most aggressive hero in Warlords of Terra, but always thinking what we do, watching every step and playing wise. This is what Warlords of Terra is. A game made to think and play wise. No more random winners. No more 20% brain 80% luck winning games. Think, and you will reach glory. Cast and throw, and you will absolutely fail. That’s why we say “End of Game. Challenge Begins.”


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