Here comes a new hero! Vidiria, Soul Collector!


Here comes a new hero! Vidiria, Soul Collector!

Hellscions - Vidiria EN


As attractive as mortal, Vidiria will make enemy troops surrender to Helion power. Will you? Let’s begin the analysis of this seductive heroin!


pasivaThis skill allows us to exchange one of our troops with an enemy one, if our troop is a demon. Just after invoking it, you may exchange control and zone of your demon with the enemy troop. This way, we can always select a good balance enemy troop (lvl/skills) and take it for us, giving our opponent a worse troop.


Azotador Vil EN analisisFlechasCruzado EN analisis









For example, look at the previous example. When we invocate Evil Punisher, we can choose an enemy troop and Annul it! Great skill, but it’s launched when the troop becomes invocated. After that, we just have a 2/2/3 troop with level 3. Changing this for a Crusader, which has quick strike, seems a good deal, doesn’t it?



1º habilidadThis skill is just a warning for our opponent. The “marked” troop becomes a potential target to be controlled by us next turn. So, at least we are conditioning our opponent’s game, making easier they decide to play carelessly with marked troop. And advantage for us. If they keep it, ok, it’ll be for us next turn.



2º habilidadAwesome skill and there are few thing to explain about it. First, notice you DON’T put on guard troop when you control it. So, although you keep it for the rest of its life (or the game), if it’s turned, you will have to wait one more turn to use it. Another point is that the skill itself needs the previous one to work: that means 2 turn result. It seems non-profitable, but, like in many cases in Warlords of Terra, playing wise makes our decisions much stronger!



3º habilidadWell, it seems we also have a finisher right here. 8PP seems a too hight cost, but think that, if you play this skill in the appropriate moment, you will absolutely win. Reaching that number of power points won’t be easy, however, if there is a Kingdom able to do such that thing, that’s Hellscion. Moreover, you have a card in Hellscion kingdom which allows player increasing hero’s power by 1 only immolating a troop (see below). That could accelerate 1 or 2 turns achieving 8PP.

El Coste del Poder EN


Anyway, as said before, Hellscion has the greatest number of control cards in Warlords of Terra, and that will make suitable resisting every turn you need. Control lovers, domain fire, domain blood, and domain WOT.

See you soon!

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