How To Play?





As explained in Intro, WoT is based in the existence of a battlefield which your troops will have to cross to reach enemy lines. Both – your enemy and you- start with 20 life points, and your target is reducing enemy’s life points to 0 or below.


Your troops have main and secondary skills. Main skills are those you can see with numbers on the right-down part of the card (Attack – ATK-, Life and Speed –SP-)

These troops must go across the battlefield, zone per zone, running as many zones as SP they have (minus one in preparation turn -1st turn they come to battlefield-). Their mission is getting the last line of the battlefield (enemy Invocation Line) to hit them when they have no defensive troops adjacent to your attacker. Your troop will damage the enemy for as many damage as its ATK value indicates.
But it’s not so easy. Think your enemy will also have troops, which will get in your way. If one of those and one of your troops encounter, they must fight and deal damage between them, taking as many life points as their ATK indicates. A troop which took more damage – or equal- than its Life value, dies and goes to discard zone.

These are the basics of the game. But to keep the battlefield plenty of troops – or objects, or support them with spells- you’ll need resources. Mana and gold are your main resources, and places you build in your building zone will produce what you need to invoke troops, forge objects or cast devastating spells.

Your hero, leading the battle at your side –and service-, will support you with their skills enforcing your strategy and your army. Their power rises with your own mana, so decide and share it with wisdom. Think every turn if it’s convenient to give them part of it or, otherwise, it’s better to keep it for yourself.


Resuming, with your places you produce resources. With these, you invoke your army which, supported by your objets, spells and your hero, will run for victory across the battlefield. Play your strategy wisely and overcome your enemies’ tactics to achieve victory!

With the next link, you can download the instructions manual. There, you will learn everything you need to become a true Warlord of Terra!