Overlords - Izual Stromhammer EN


Overlords - Izual Stromhammer EN


Today we bring you a new hero, in this case from Overlords kingdom. This drwarf will be really appreciated by those who like equipping their troops to make them stronger and more effective in battle. But to analyse better, first things first!

Stromhammer’s passive skill already makes from it different from the rest of héroes. As they can take one mana/turn from you  to increase their power, Stromhammer doesn’t. He wants your gold! So, only this skill will aloww us to build a deck with a different resource system, as it will absorb 1 gold/turn, making producing gold more useful tan in other decks. This also allows you to increase your amount of mana faster from second-third turn : In our first turn with stromhammer deck could be interesting building a gold-producing place, so we’ll stuck our mana production. However, from turn 2 we can start building even 2 mana producer places and fasten our production, which looks even better if we count on the fact Stromhammer won’t absorb any of that mana.

1º habilidad
Its first skill, cost 2, repairs 1 DP (Durability Point) from an object we have. Well, maybe not its best skill, but may be a really useful one, specially for shields protecting troops we do really appreciate. What about equipping our Hill giant with a defender shield to make it resist the assault it will probably get, and start throwing stones to distant enemies? That sounds good too, but Stromhammer makes the idea sound even better: what about absorbing 3-4 hits with that giant? Gorgeous!
Gigante de las Colinas ENEscudo del Defensor EN









2º habilidad
This skill certainly has a great value, as we can adapt our object pool to our need, reducing the luck factor to a mínimum. What if we have an armor when we need a weapon to equip our Drake with it to give our opponent the final strike? No problem! Just unforge any object from your discard zone and look for another (same level) in your battle deck! Voilá! There we have our weapon, our final strike and…OUR VICTORY!

3º habilidad
Ok, this maybe doesn’t seem awesome at first sight. 4 Power point to repair a (for example) shield with 2DP??Nah. But… if we talk about a Stromhammer’s hammer with only 1 more DP? Oh, it seems nice right now, doesn’t it? No more comments needed for this skill.

Martillo de Stromhammer EN










4º habilidad
Well, last Stromhammer skill gives, in my opinion, another way to play a Stromhammer deck. Resisting without using skills to fin our Stromhammer’s Pack. It’s an option. Or, maybe, we drawed two of them and we can’t find the last one. In this case, come here Strom!! (Take a look at the rest of Stromhammer’s Pack)

Yelmo de Stromhammer ENArmadura de Stromhammer EN









As you can see, we can turn a normal troop into a serious trouble for our enemy! Certainly, it’s such a good option, but think Stromhammer doesn’t have 4 skills just for having one game option. Although that’s the great thing of WoT: YOU will decide that! If you want to comment something about Stromhammer or any of its skills, playability… We’re looking forward your answers.

See you on next blog post!

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