Terra - Lutien EN


Terra - Lutien EN


Today we’ll explain some things about Lutien, the Convoker. If you like aggro tactics when you play, this heroin will make your opponent sweating, as more and more troops will come to attack them! Let’s start!

pasivaHer passive skills is possibly the most dangerous one. For each turn we play at least a single troop (more troops in same turn won’t add more power to Lutien), she’ll increase her power by 1. Adding 1 extra power point most of turns, doubling her increasement rate, is awesome at least. This also allows Terra player not renouncing to normal tempo, being able to play troop/spell cards without passing mana to their hero, and also increase hero’s power. With this chance, we’ll be able to flood the battlefield with more and more troops, overcoming any removal resources our opponent could have.

1º habilidadHer first skill, cost 2, puts a faerie token on our invocation line. Even though it’s like a Forest Faerie but with -1 SPD value, do not underestimate it, as it can be crucial to kill an enemy troop, ore ven winning by reaching our opponent with FLYING and boosting fae’s ATK. Cost 2: double profit.


2º habilidadWith this skill we go a step further. Invoking a 2/2/4 wolf token can kill, WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE CARD, many 1-3 turn troops. That would be 1×0 change, always a good deal for us.
Playing the skill wisely, its potential is incredible. Moreover, look at this combo, as we think it doesn’t need to be explained.

Lobos del Bosque EN


3º habilidadSalute the great Green Dragon! Although Red Dragon is the only dragon card in basic WoT game, Lutien can invoke a Dragon token with power/life equal to the number of troops we control. This can be a double-blade weapon, as we probably won’t have mana to boost our troop production with other skills and also keep 6 power top lay last one. And troops normaly die soon on the battlefield (usual duration 1-2 turns, sometimes 3), so it’s hard work filling it with them.
But don’t worry, let insects do the hard work! Our Breeding Insect will fill completely our invocation line with its larva tokens. That makes impossible to invoke more troops the same turn but…do you remember that playing hero skills is done in Tactical phase? Everybody got it? 😉

Insecto Reproductor EN

So, Lutien really deserves her title “Master Summoner”. Now, how you develop a strategy with her, is something we’ll really love to do.

Thanks and enjoy!

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