New hero revealed! Priestess Hylesnia!

Theridom - Sacerdotisa Hylesnia EN

New hero revealed! Priestess Hylesnia!

Theridom - Sacerdotisa Hylesnia EN


Want to heal life points until exploding? Ok, here comes Hylesnia! Want healing being useful to draw additional cards too? Ok, here comes Hylesnia again! It’s true Hylesnia depends on having a priest deck, and we can’t find many of them in basic set, or at least not enough to make a deck only of them. But, Hylesnia is one of our powerful bets for WoT future. Just see her passive skill, probably one of the best passive skills among all heroes.

pasivaA usual problem of healing decks is that (often) the only thing player does is delaying the moment they lose the game. Well, if healing 4 or more points in a turn makes you draw an additional card at the end of it, things may change. Here you have an example of a card that gains extraordinary power when playing Hylesnia card:

Rezo de Batalla EN 2 Mana: gain 4 life, draw a card at end of turn. No more comments.

1º habilidadWith a priest-focused deck will be easy to draw an additional card the turn we use this skill. 2 PP + 2 priest cards= 4 life + extra card. Not a bad deal at all. And if we combine it with other cards properly, we won’t empty our hand ever. Watch Illumination and see what we can do with only 4 mana and 2 cards:

Iluminación ENIf we cast Battle Prayer, use this Hylesnia skill (even with only 1 priest) and then cast Illumination the result is quite interesting: we gain 6 life points (2 Hylesnia+4 Battle Prayer) and we draw 3 cards (1 Hylesnia Passive + 2 Illumination). The final result is that for 4 mana and 2 PP we got +1 card in hand + 6 life points. The target: getting the strong resources (troops etc) and resisting until they come effectively.

2º habilidadSearching our battle deck for any spell we need is never bad thing. Hylesnia becomes in this sense the way to resolve any situation with the card you need. We give you 2 examples:

1) Strong threat on the battlefield. So let’s search for a removal card, like Punishment, which probably will kill it.

Castigo EN
2) Finisher. If we damaged our opponent 10 life points and our life gain made us being practically untouched, Divine Vengeance seems more than suitable option.

Venganza Divina EN

3º habilidadGreat healing skill, as we’ll gain 3 life/priest we control each of our turns until end of game. Since that moment, being defeated will be a hard job for our opponent if we play priest deck.
So we have chance to play some legions (max. powered), strong cards or why not? Trying to win the game with Theridom Monument.

Monumento a Theridom EN

Our conclusion is that maybe it’s soon to build a healing deck, but this strategy will become a suitable and strong option in the future. Think about it!

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