New hero revealed! Rexor Navarien!


New hero revealed! Rexor Navarien!

Terra - Rexor EN


This time we bring you the Hero that brings versatility to Terra tactics, and he’s no other than Rexor Navarien, Guardian of Terra. Let’s begin with analysis!


PasivaNo comments are needed for this skill. You just can play two of them each turn, unlike the rest of heroes, which are limited to 1. This can be very useful, for example, to use Rexor as a removal resource. We can pump a weak creature and make it fight with a strong enemy, in order to kill it with a low troop cost. But let us explain better taking a look at the rest of skills.


1º habilidadAs previously commented, you can use this skill to turn weak troops into dangerous enemies. Changing a 1/1/3 troop for a 3/3/3 enemy is not bad deal. Moreover, remember some creatures have skills like quick strike, which will allow our troop to kill the enemy it’s fighting without taking back any damage, but only if it kills that enemy troop (if not, it’ll have the chance to strike back). So, having a good ATK value can help pretty much in that sense. Tiger Warrior (see below) is a good example for this.

Distance is another very useful skill to combine with Rexor’s first skill. Hitting an enemy troop with a high(er) ATK value is always interesting, especially if the pump helps us killing the enemy definitely. Take a look to Forest Elf (below), it’s “immediate distance” skill combines perfectly with “pump and kill” system. Enemies probably won’t have a chance to react to that.


Guerrero Tigre ENElfo del Bosque EN










2º habilidadAs you can see, Rexor’s second skill is, as also introduced before, useful as a removal skill. Take note our troop will also take damage, important fact in a game in which damage is NOT removed at end of turn. However, playing wise this skill will allow us getting big deals, like 2×1 changes (for example: my 5/5 fights with skill your 4/4, yours dies and then, with my troop movement and attack, I make it fight your 5/5, which dies too –nice change).


3º habilidadFinisher skill, no doubt about it, which is usual among heroes’ last skills. In this case we find it very effective, as it’s the solution for a (more or less) common problem Terra must face: long term matches in which we can’t reach opponent’s lines to give them the “final strike”. Rexor gives us a good alternative: why reaching enemy lines? We don’t need it. Just use finisher skill, and you’ll hit your opponent with all your strength. Done.

You can also choose among two different options to defeat your opponent, depending on two common situations: you have a wide army, but made of weak troops. Or maybe you don’t have army (it’s been vanquished) but you invoke a strong troop. In this situation, pump your “boss” (see Bestiality below) and use Rexor’s skill. No army at all? Invoke your breeding insect, fill your battlefield with larvas and… Maybe combine next turn with Wrath of Terra? Finally… Rexor for the victory!


Bestialidad ENInsecto Reproductor ENIra de Terra EN

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