Overlords - Chamán Gruuj EN


Overlords - Chamán Gruuj EN



We come back with a new brand hero card, Overlords hero Gruuj Barahk the Shaman. This hero allows us to play different ways (without changing hero card, which is not always the case). If we like control, his totems will help us in that sense. Same happens if we want to boost our troops’ power. But first things first:


habilidad pasivaIt’s focused to control option, as It’ll allow us to resist more turns if finally we need such that thing. Gaining 1 life/turn isn’t very much, but it’s been proved that having 2-3 totems at the same time on the battlefield is realistic. And gaining 3 life per turn makes it really different… Moreover, Gruuj is not the only way to have totems in play (as you can see next), fact that makes Gruuj’s passive skill even stronger.

Trol del Tótem ENTótem de Gruuj EN










1º habilidadThis is also focused on control option. Why? Easy, fast troops (Overlords) don’t resist much damage, so healing 2 life each turn isn’t normally useful in these case, as troops normally die within just 1 combat. But if our deck combines fast troops (for example troops with Arm to put our cheap objects out of our deck) with stronger ones, this totem becomes an interesting option if we play combats wisely. For example, we can use a troop with good Life points value.

Tótem Curativo EN



2º habilidadControl/ Aggro-Control option, no doubts. The versatility of this skill will help us to prevent enemy troops to A) Control: damage us before we are ready to invoke our strongest troops B) kill our attacking troops. It’s true it doesn’t make direct damage, but if we put explosive totems strategically, we can force our opponent to immolate some of their troops, or being unable to pass by part of the battlefield. In both senses, good option.

Tótem Explosivo EN



3º habilidadThis one, even though it could seem focused on aggro deck, it’s not completely true. Since this skill also gives +1 SPD to our troops, it can be also used to make our “big asses” reach enemy lines and hit our opponent successfully. Of course, not only big troops, but also medium but not fast enough are good option to achieve having more “invoke-and-hit” troops.

Tótem de Poder EN



Finally, we want to remind you that, as objects, totems DON’T OCCUPY ZONE, and so we’ll be able to put troops over them with no problem. That’s also useful because we can put them in our invocation line, making harder to enemy troops reaching and destroying (attacking) them.

To conclude, Gruuj is a particular Hero with interesting playability. However, it’s not good option for anyone who likes direct and fast strategies, whose option would be Targos. But if you like thinking and reaching victory with a good strategy (even spatial strategy), Gruuj is your Overlords hero! Enjoy it!

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