Warlords  of Terra is based on the existence of a battlefield that your troops must cross to reach the enemy. Both you and your opponent start the game with twenty live points, and the main target is to reduce them to zero to win the battle. The very different fact is the spatial way you must think to achieve that.

Your troops have primary and secondary abilities. Primary skills are those that you see numbered in the right part of the frame (Attack -ATK-, Life and Speed -SPD-).



They must cross the field, zone by zone, advancing as many squares as Speed they have. They must reach opponent’s last line of defense in order to hit them, once they’re free of troops flanking them. They will reduce opponent’s life points as much as their ATK value. But not everything is so simple, keep in mind that the enemy will also invoke troops, and they will stand in the way of yours so that you do not reach their leader. In this case, they must fight among themselves, and few will survive.


That is the base. But to have a battlefield filled with troops, objects or even to support you with spells or battle cries, you will need resources. Mana and Gold will be your main resources, and the place cards you build in your kingdom (in the Building Area, the closest to you) will be those that help you generate more resources to deploy your troops.



Your hero, always located next to the battlefield, will support you with their skills reinforcing your strategy and your army. Their power grows with your own resources, so you will have to share them with wisdom and study if it is convenient to transfer power or save it for you.


In short, with your places you produce your resources. With these you can summon your army that, supported by your hero and your own spells, will go towards victory through the battlefield. Deploy your resources wisely and overcome your enemies with a good strategy to get it.


Below you can download the WoT Rulebook (parts 1 and 2) that will teach you what you need to know. Then you will begin to master the true art of war made card game!