There are four kingdoms you can choose in principle to fight in the world of Terra . Who knows what the future holds ... At the moment, these four heroes will explain how his kingdom philosophy is based and how to fight your enemy.


I am Azrael Thronhonor, Great Priest of Theridom. It's been years since we started our resistance against demons and barbarian hordes. Every priest of Theridas, god and creator of the human being, support us healing our wounds, increasing our morale and praying Theridas for the angels to come and help us. Thousands of soldiers and knights join them in the battlefield.

Our forces are balanced in number and power, and they are able to overcome our enemies with a fast charge or by bearing their attack until our great legions arrive. We will keep fighting and resisting their sieges until Theridas himself comes and destroys all of them!

Lutien is my name, although most call me The Conjurer. I serve Mother Terra since centuries ago. I still remember the day we were attacked by demons for the first time, and our dead brothers began rising from their tombs and started killing us. We thought thas was the end of times, that gods got tired of us and just decided to destroy their creation. However, Terra infused us enough wisdom and strenght to fight. Shamans watched in their visions how savage creatures would become our allies, and it happened.

Energy of earth, oceans...we take it in order to convoke our powerful beasts of nature. Maybe faeries, elves and dryads aren't enough, but once tiger and rhino warriors join the battle...the stampede cannot be stopped by anyone or anything.

Hello my lord, it's Bellatrix, great demon of the Abyss. Our thousands of imps will flood their cities, raze their fields and kill even the last of those weak and pathetic humans. We will sacrifice as many imps as necessary, but the cost will be much higher for our enemies. Using the power of blood, we'll make them lose their best champions while we only spend little pawns. And if it's not enough, our allies, the servants of fire, are really powerful.

They will burn'em before they could even scream. Their troops will perish in agony, and  their lords too. Nobody can face the power of blood, fire and demons!


My name's Targos since long ago. As long as I ended being an elf anymore, refused by those who said to be my brothers. Poor little creatures. We left our old houses in forests, and goblins,  trolls and other disowned joined us. It wasn't easy, but we conquered the mountains, and now we live there  away from everyone else. We live from looting other kingdoms' towns, as life in mountains is hard and we need to eat.

Sometimes, Theridom envoys come bringing messages from their lords. They say they want to “hire our services”, and our answer depends on the day. Some days we accept and have fun killing demons and earning some supplies, other days we just laugh, kill the envoy, and then laugh more. It's just a matter of how we feel, hungry or bored. We're unstoppable, and our assaults are fast as none else. When they want to react, they're almost all dead. If not, giants, cyclops or even the Big Red Dragon finish the job.

Enter the exciting world of Warlords Of Terra