The Team



A young team eager to get high

Here we present, in some formal way, our main team members. We mustn’t forget behind them there are many more people who worked with will, passion and happiness for WoT to become a real thing.

The Team

Marco Martinez


Marco David Martínez royo, 30. Degree in History in Universidad de Valencia. Fan of myths and roleplaying and strategy games since more tan 16 years, he has developed along this time some games of this kind, but before WoT they didn’t overcome amateur level.

Veteran player of Magic the Gathering and expert in some other famous games (table and PC), decides to use all his knowledge about the field to make a game based in great ones but with a new point of view and execution.

The Team


Rafael Navarro, 30. Ex – student of psycology in Universidad de Valencia. His work testing and supporting with ideas to improve the game was crucial to achieve a good quality. His knowledge on psycology and his experience on roleplaying and strategy games contributed to developed some important aspects of the game that make it better (in different ways).

But Rafa wasn’t  the only one participating in development. Many people have observed, played or tested WOT to improve it. Finding  mistakes, helping with fresh ideas…all that was basic to reach the quality level we want for Warlords of Terra as a great and new card game. To all of you, thanks very much.

The Team

Illustration and design.

Directed by Eloy Tárraga, 25, BFA. He supervises every illustration, making use of his knowledge of art and experience on the field. He has organised several local art expositions and made designs for national and international projects. Lover of details, he has checked each illustration until he’s seen the best possible result. The purpose: satisfying every fantasy lover with beautiful images and designs.

Behind him, great artists as Carlos “Vincent” Wang, “Lizartonne”, Manuel Piedra and many others turned our dreams into illustrations. Professional Designer Alex Jerez and 3D modeler Juan Acosta are also important members of this team. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible. And without forgetting the rest of our team.

The Team

Programming team.

We're working to form a new programming team. Thanks!

With the support of music composers Mario Luengo and  Juan Fernández, and the previously mentioned graphic designer and 3d modeler, they’re working hard to launch the game on March 2016. And they are doing a great job. Adrián Carrasco “inkieto” has developed our web and most of its design.

As you can see, we count with a young team that want to get really high. We hope Warlords of Terra is the beginning of a long journey around video/table game industry. And, most important, we hope you share that path with us, and with good games. We are M2R Games, and we welcome you to our world.